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Choose the most convenient vehicle to Budapest, but do not forget to inform me of your exact arrival date (day and hour) as soon as you book your ticket!
There is minibus service from the airport ( and railway stations ( or you can use public transportation (


Our student hostel (H-1085 Budapest, Mária u.7.) is fully booked, regretfully. You can rent a room or a flat in Budapest, according to your needs, at a rent from 100 EUR per month per person + overhead (electricity, water, heating).
Useful internet addresses:


Addresses are generally given as a postcode, city, street and number, floor, apartment number. In the postcode of Ybl “1146”, 1 indicates Budapest, 14 indicates district XIV, 6 indicates the part of the district.

Health Insurance

You should buy health insurance covering the whole time you spend in Hungary. Medical care of the students of the EU has been provided on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card.
Renting flat or room, you have to ask the owner where the nearest doctor is.

International Ambulance Service districts VI., VII. :
1078 Budapest, Dob utca 86.

Phone: +36 1 321 0358
It is open 0-24 h, you have to ring the bell on the gate!

Residence permit for non-EU students

If you stay more than 3 months in Hungary, you have to apply for residence permit at the Migration Office in Budapest (1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 60/b.,

Student card

After your arrival, you have to register at our faculty.
You will receive a paper confirmation which is valid for 60 days and ought to be prolonged.

Student pass

With student monthly transport ticket (HUF 3450 /month) you can use all kind of transport means including bus, trolley bus, tram, metro and suburban railway (HÉV) within the borders of Budapest (
Tickets are sold at metro stations and street kiosks.

Mobile phone

Calling from one line or payphone to another within Budapest, simply dial the 7-digit number.
Calling another settlement, dial 06 + area code + 6-digit local number.
Calling another mobile, dial 06 + mobile code 20 or 30 or 70 + 7-digit personal number.
In case of international call, dial exit code 00 + country code + area code + local number.


To our regret, not all the Hungarians speak foreign languages. Try to learn some phrases, words in Hungarian! You can attend Hungarian courses at our Gödöllő Campus or at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Useful web-sites


The following phone numbers can be called free of charge:
Ambulance: 104
Police: 107
Fire service: 105
General emergency service: 112


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact:
Zsuzsa Sándor (Mrs.Sándor), international officer
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +36 1 883 7801
Fax: +36 1 252 1278